December 2017 Lifestyle Letter

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Pulling out the decor? Sending the annual holiday cards? Making those once-a-year family recipes?

November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

The word gratitude comes up a lot these days, especially in yoga class. I’ll admit I used to hear the yoga instructor talk about gratitude as an “intention,” and I’d immediately think, “Oh yes, I need to be grateful today!” Cross-legged on my mat, I’d send a quick but sincere prayer of thanks out into the universe.  

Feeling Good, Being Well

It seems everywhere we turn we hear about wellness, but what does it really mean? A current study underway at the Stanford Prevention Research Center is setting out to learn just that.

Effortless September Style

Now more than ever, our personal style tells people who we are — our political persuasion, our social status, our religious belief, which “tribe” we belong to. We might wish it weren’t so, but according to acclaimed designer Miuccia Prada, “when you get dressed you are making public your idea about yourself. Clothes are powerful signifiers.

Dogs and Brews, 
no Back-to-School Blues

August in Colorado is a funny thing. It’s dead in the middle of summer (summer doesn't end till September 22), yet we find ourselves getting the kids back to school and refocusing on work obligations that in other parts of the country are left to the post-Labor-Day realm.

Work Some, Play Some

If I had a dime for every time I heard the expression, "Work hard, play hard," well, I'd have a lot of dimes. Whatever happened to making work and play fit seamlessly into our lives, instead of turning them into life-or-death pursuits in which one endeavor rescues us from the perils of the other? 

Sure, there’s a certain hardcore, risk-taking…

Men of Substance

It’s June and the perfect time to say thank you to all the men in our lives. Dads, husbands, brothers, sons, best friends. While I ponder the men in my life who have meant so much, I’m feeling particularly sentimental about my friend and mentor Stuart, whom I met some 20-plus years ago on a Washington D.C. metro bus that…

It’s a good time to be a girl.

And I know this because my daughters don’t label themselves “feminists.” Why don’t they take up the mantle? I used to ask myself. Don’t they understand that women have only had the right to vote for 98 years? Isn’t it appalling that the U.S. percentage of female elected officials of 19.4% is almost 4 points below the world average of…

Hello, Spring

When we think about the spring season, we think about many things. We think about beautiful blooming flowers and freshly cut grass. About warmer weather, longer days and the beautiful melodies of songbirds back from their winter migrations.

March 2017 Lifestyle Letter

I read once that a cat makes a house a home. While I do have a cat that pretty much never leaves the house, I’m just not willing to give her that much credit.

 It feels so cliched to say it’s a family that makes a house a home, but for me “home” is felt in those corners of the…

February 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Welcome to February in Parker, a month of love, romance and the arts! While your special someone might be the same ever year, the thriving Arts & Culture scene in Parker is definitely “mixing it up.” The Lifestyle team had so much fun exploring the thriving cultural scene in Parker, and we were struck by the shear diversity of offerings…

Happy New Year!

Key word new. 2017 is here with all its possibilities and - based on the recent history of 2016 - plenty of surprises to be sure! What will the New Year bring for you and yours?

The Gifts that 
Keep Giving 

Each year, Lifestyle Publications starts holiday shopping early ― scouting local boutiques, artisans and stores for gift ideas to help simplify your life during this busy season. This year was no different!

November 2016 Lifestyle Letter

The word “soul” comes to mind every time I step onto Mainstreet. Defined as the essence and embodiment of something, soul is what I see and feel in the faces and places of downtown Parker and, I suspect, the reason so many of us love it here.

Thank You

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of the businesses who have stood beside us and especially those who partnered with us. Parker Lifestyle is a great publication that is filled with local stories and contributions from many of you who understand what this town needs. Please continue to reach out and support this publication and make…

Library Opening Highlights September’s Activities

September is such a wonderful time of year, especially 
in Colorado. The weather is cooler, the Broncos are back on the field and there are numerous activities for residents to enjoy - everything from taking in a high school football game, to Parker Oktoberfest on Sept. 16-18, to the 25th Annual Colorado Mountain Winefest in Palisade on Sept. 15-18.

From Painting to Singing 
(and Everything in Between)…

Whether you are a novice, professional or an observer of art, it's clear to see that our art community is thriving. From our Concerts in the Park every Sunday this month to Parker Artists Guild's ART in the PARK the weekend of the 27th and 28th, you are certain to find something that reminds you how alive our arts community…

July 2016 Lifestyle Letter

We cannot thank our community enough for being so supportive since taking over Parker Lifestyle three months ago. Our July magazine has been no exception to the excitement and pride that we feel being able to represent our town and everything that makes living here so great.

Happy to be Part of the Team

When Brad and Corrinn Howard took over Parker Lifestyle earlier this year, I had limited availability. My parents, who live in Arizona, were dealing with some health issues, so I knew I needed to have flexibility in my schedule.

The Joys of Living in Parker

As I take on my exciting new role as Parker Lifestyle's editor, 
 I think of all the reasons that Parker is home. We have amazing people who contribute so much of themselves each day, and in the end, call our town home. I think about what attracted me to Parker and how I still feel a sense of calm…

Hello Parker!

My wife, Corrinn, and I are thrilled to be co-owners of Parker Lifestyle. I have spent the past three years commuting to Colorado Springs for a job that I loved at Gazette Media, but we have been looking for the right opportunity to work together. Our goal was simple: do something we love in the community that we call home…

A Month of Love and More

February holds a special place in my heart. It’s the month my husband proposed to me and the month we sold our first home in Parker’s Stonegate neighborhood so we could move out to the country. Oddly enough, both of those events happened on the same day – and it wasn’t Valentine’s Day. It was February 8. I know I’m…

Wishing you a fit 
and healthy new year.

The dedicated members of the RNK running group stay in shape by running together on Saturday mornings, even in cold weather. Photography Ted Veltrie Happy New Year! Oh yes, it’s that time of year when people talk about getting into shape and losing those pounds they put on over the holiday season. I have to say I’m among the crowd.…

Shop local this season.

Parker Lifestyle is all about supporting our local community. So with the holiday season in full gear, we want you to remember to buy local this December and have some fun along the way. To create that fun and encourage community spirit, we are hosting a scavenger hunt and encouraging you all to play.