Family Jewels

 Article Jennifer Starbuck | Photography Raemi Vermiglio  Jeffery Bollling spent more than two decades traveling the world selling diamonds and hosting remounting events for large national jewelry stores. After being on the road for 24 years, he settled down in Colorado and opened his own jewelry store, naming it Jeffery B Jewelers, because, as he puts it, you can never…

Ask the Expert

 Article Chase Meili | Photography Brian Johnson  What do you find most rewarding? Surgery can significantly improve an animal's life or resolve a life-threatening issue. It is very rewarding to give that to owners and their pets. Sometimes it does feel like a miracle and that is fun to see!  Dr. Ann Heffernan is a board-certified veterinary surgeon at AESC in…

Hope for Our Great American Warriors

 Article Jennifer Starbuck | Photography Brian Johnson  Army combat veteran Tony Drees is passionate about helping veterans thrive in civilian life, especially those who come home with debilitating physical and emotional injuries.  Tony is executive director for Veteran’s Passport to Hope, a Colorado-based nonprofit that advocates for veteran’s issues and raises money and awareness for organizations that are already providing…

A Bloom in Winter

Parker Blooms is a Parker gem. Owned by floral designer Bobbi O’Donnell since 2012, designs range from contemporary to very modern. “The zen style is my favorite,” says Bobbi. “They’re modern and highlight each individual flower. 

Your Eyes

Small Business Saturday —aptly named for its falling the Saturday after Thanksgiving — is November 25, and having an abundance of local shops and boutiques is a boon for the Town of Parker during gift-giving season. But there's always "that" person —you love 'em but they're just so hard to shop for! If you've had trouble coming up with a gift idea for them, we're here to help! At two Parker businesses,…

Chef Duy Pham

Main Street in downtown Parker is almost always alive with activity. Whether it’s a busy Friday night or a run-of-the-mill Wednesday afternoon, you can always find pedestrians milling about the boutiques or people enjoying a coffee as the world turns around them. One of Main Street’s best, not-so-hidden gems is the Parker Garage. While the name may suggest a more…

Koko FitClub

If you like spending long hours in the gym and waiting your turn for equipment, then Koko FitClub may not be your thing. Three key factors play into the uniqueness of the Koko workout: individual attention, technology, and efficiency.


Most of his life, David Stouder had a thick, wavy head of hair. But at 50, he decided he wanted to do something about his thinning hairline. “I needed a touch up,” Stouder says. “I'm married to a younger woman and I didn’t want people thinking I’m her father,” he jokes. 

What Makes Scents

When Holly Hamilton planned her wedding three years ago, she had an idea to repurpose all the containers used in her rustic ceremony but wasn’t quite sure how. It was Hamilton’s daughter who suggested she learn how to make candles as a hobby. Instead of throwing away the containers, she made a profit selling candles to friends and family.

Vacations by Design for Your Next Adventure

Vacations by Design is a locally-owned travel agency that specializes in planning Disney vacations for you and your family. Some might wonder why they should use a travel agency to book their next Disney vacation. Many of Vacation by Design's customers love the detailed and customized travel planning services. All they have to do is provide a few travel parameters,…

July 2016 Locally Owned

Nestled in a small office in a quiet Parker home, a husband and wife tap away at their computers. Photographs of family, posters, maps and books surround them. As the Colorado sun shines in through the window, the silence in the room is laden with anticipation. Here, the BookCrafters work their magic.

Ask an Expert

Colorado's real estate market continues to be a growing subject of conversation among area residents, rarely providing one true answer or a solution that fits all. Parker Lifestyle sat down with Chad Hines of Your Castle Real Estate to gain some insight as to what sellers should consider when thinking about listing their home.

The Importance of Lean Body Mass

A trip to the doctor for an annual physical or particular ailment often leads to the recommendation of eating better and getting more exercise. Richard Walker, D.C., a chiropractor, and Linda Tetor, M.D., a general practitioner, took that advice one step further this summer when they opened a digital gym that focuses on fitness and lean body mass rather than…

Math and Discipline Create 
Results for Local Businesses

Using math, discipline and the concepts of planning ahead and buying locally, a relatively new company has found a way to bring big business marketing tools to small- and medium-sized businesses.

A True Blessing

With more than 50 years of experience, Bighorn Automotive is changing the way people view car maintenance and repair.  

From Car Sales to Fashion

Christopher Smith has a typical Colorado transplant story. In 1995, friends encouraged him to venture to Colorado for the summer. Once here, he decided to stay.