March 2017 Lifestyle Letter

I read once that a cat makes a house a home. While I do have a cat that pretty much never leaves the house, I’m just not willing to give her that much credit.

 It feels so cliched to say it’s a family that makes a house a home, but for me “home” is felt in those corners of the…

Barrington Group, Parker Garage host Happy Hour Event to benefit Grow Community Center

Grow Community Center is designed to help end youth violence and self-destruction by providing a safe, enriching place for your people to hang out and build healthy relationships. Photography by Raemie Vermiglio.

March 2017 Around Town

Douglas County Libraries’ Adventure Pass program is expanding in 2017 with the addition of Denver's Clyfford Still Museum as a partner. Through the Adventure Pass program, library patrons can reserve free passes to six local cultural institutions, including Clyfford Still Museum, using their library cards.


In honor of Spring’s imminent arrival, this week’s icon of design is…Eero Saarinen’s Tulip tables and chairs! Crazy name, crazy furniture. This guy is a little confusing, as his daddy-o, Eliel Saarinen was also a famous designer and director of the Cranbrook Academy of Art, where Saarinen eventually taught as well (I know you must be getting sick of hearing…

Ethereal and Enduring

What inspired you to 
shoot this house? The variety of exterior material choices and textures was working so well with the natural landscape. Yet the abrupt angles and linear design elements created a modern interpretation that even the late Frank Lloyd Wright would have been proud of.

In the Cellar of…

Favorite Region for wine? "I love regions that have distinctive characteristics, like the earthiness and minerality of Burgundy, or the fruity boldness of Napa Valley, or the silky smooth, seductive nature of Rhone."

Hops in the Kitchen

Stout Chocolate Brownies


Five ways you can show the clutter in your life who’s really in charge. 1. Just get rid of these things—seriously. Why are you keeping them? 2. If you’re so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to begin, try starting with one small area that haunts you the most—a section of the kitchen counter, a small table top.

The Bird Man

He’s known as The Bird Man — he’s even had the moniker officially trademarked. Brodbent’s business revolves around helping folks determine the best way to attract birds —and bats — to their yards. “Birds are the most beautiful creature on the planet,” Brodbent says as he sits in his well-equipped shop, surrounded by various equipment used to support the ecosystems…